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Hated for being alive

Wow the things you see happen sometimes are crazy. People take their anger out on you for no reason. For example my sister today. Is 8:30pm on a Monday night I just walked in and said hello and was told by her "don't come up" I said to her wow I just said "hello" she goes "I can wait for you to move out"
I pray everyday that God takes me away from this. How do you go to church and serve ans act like a "good christian " while making someone else life miserable, specially when God says love one another. My older sister has so much hate towards me and she is very hostile and now dealing with mom disease is even worst, I get told to leave the house many times and I get hated looks and live in a hostile environment but you know what is funny if you meet her she you will probably like her because that is why people like her do, they live a double life , they hate on others at home and act charitable towards others outside and then they assumme th…