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The Queen of Unfairness...

Is always a problem when is your turn, when is your time to take charge, you gallop up filled with  sarcasm and hostility and point fingers just to get yourself out of it to blame others or accuse them to make sense why you are now leaving everything up to someone else to deal with it.
Queen of hostility and bad memories , queen of unfairness and hunilation.
Go now... enjoy the check you did nothing to earn.

Broken relationships

It was all so clear but I haven chosen to ignore it. I have not never ever imagined it would come to this but then again I felt like I always knew. What do you expect to get from someone who fights all the time with their parents. Who dwells in the past who takes their anger out on me for no reason way to go big sister you have done a great job. I have tons of stories to tell from many years being stuck in between being their garbage bag , getting texts , running from places to come to the rescue of a relationship that is or was already broken. Nothing worse in life is to have nothing to do with something you get blame for. I  lose count of how many times I have been told to move out.
On top of mom having memory loss and me dealing with all of her care paperworks and coordination I still get looks of evil in the house texts of anger if something goes bad between the two of them even if I am far away.
I get told that all I do is feed of her money like I don't pay the bills and if…