It's all money!

They act like they like you to then demand money. No favor is ever done without an invoice. They want to bring peace but they demand money. They want to help you out but the charge you extra. Money,  Money,  Money help your neighbor and demand money. Act like a servant then demand money. Promise you everything then demand money. Help out the artists then demand money. Stop calling it a favor if you will then demand the money. Stop saying you want to help us because then you'll demand money,  please stop saying is not about the money when all you ask is for a payment.
Would you take the time if there was no payment? Would you ever invite if there was no payment? Would you contact me if you weren't  looking for a payment? Want to collaborate without a payment? How much does your friendship cost? If getting help from you requires a payment ,  I no longer interested in your help.

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