It's been 7 months since I saw your face till this day I wonder why we met, I wish I never had because now here is am trying to complete this story by myself while you are miles away not even thinking of the script, I wish I never stopped to introduced myself I wish I could take my time back,   because here I am with an unfinished story in my hands painting scenarios of what could  have been that never happened then so what was the point again I say did  I just wasted my time then... I wish I could go back and edit you our of my history So that I could go to sleep on time, to live the present and forget the past because if the past is your present then you are on replay mode and that is not a good cycle to live by. I wish I could not have come out to say hi to you,  cause look at me now,  imagining fake conversation that never happened with you were everything is chocolate and roses and the sun is out and the world applauds  and congratulates and I need to stop blaming myself for the things I didn't do back then,  you had the key and you could care less and now here I am daydreaming of the one who looks and talks like you but is not you ,  created by my own mind,  by my own dreams and hopes.....

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