In the end

When all is done.... when all your calendar dates are marked off,  what is left of you ,  are memories inside people's minds.  The Good or bad one they might share it once. The ones they want to forget fast , to move on with life,  as time is just flying by ,  nobody has time for that,  until a fresh air comes by,  and reminds them who you are,  they will search their mind a lot , for a glimpse of who you are. They will smile .. perphas, and have questions to ask,  that nobody can reply, since the days has gone by and your not available at that time,  then the engine search will resume and they will come across your words,  the ones you share with world where nobody knows your soul, how ironic this is,  they wanted to know about what I think,  yet their failed to do one simple thing, the most obvious one these days ,  to keep up with technology,  what a simple online search will reveal to them, the answer that the stranger got before them.

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