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In the end

When all is done.... when all your calendar dates are marked off,  what is left of you ,  are memories inside people's minds.  The Good or bad one they might share it once. The ones they want to forget fast , to move on with life,  as time is just flying by ,  nobody has time for that,  until a fresh air comes by,  and reminds them who you are,  they will search their mind a lot , for a glimpse of who you are. They will smile .. perphas, and have questions to ask,  that nobody can reply, since the days has gone by and your not available at that time,  then the engine search will resume and they will come across your words,  the ones you share with world where nobody knows your soul, how ironic this is,  they wanted to know about what I think,  yet their failed to do one simple thing, the most obvious one these days ,  to keep up with technology,  what a simple online search will reveal to them, the answer that the stranger got before them.

Hey Mom!

Hey Mom,  you know that guy,  the one you ask questions about your health.  He is more concerned about happy hour than you. He just learned how to drive and now he is prescribing medication for your life. He lives an empty life,  using Google to prescribe. Flirting with the front desk staff , getting paid just to act, like he really care about your life.

Just like previous years

Yes,  is about to happen again. The same fight again,  the same issues again. They both again forget is my birthday again. And they are consumed on their emotions and their lifetime issues and you see the devil managing them and you see the devil winning and they are blinded again,  and words were said, and tears have been shed and is my  birthday again and they could care less....


If I can't  breath but I have my freedom,  I can manage.
Hands tide up, fake smiles, Facebook scripts ,  if they only knew. Screaming from the inside,  I can't take this anymore, is all pretend,  trying to make it look good . The years go by ,  the same complains,  you want change but you don't  do nothing. Same fights year after year, I seen it all my life. I need to go,  let me go,  I need to find my own happiness,  let me go....
This is not normal,  is not good, is a prison,  a bondage from hell, I need deliverance,  I need to have my own space, to breath again,  to do my own thing,  to be me, to think,  to not get involved,  I have no business in your fights,  stop dragging me in it,  you two have problems, ancient problems and you both do nothing to resolve it.
And the years go by and the same story replays .
Same scripts same fight , older actors.
I am pressing on in prayer,  deliverance is coming soon. Let me just sit here and breath, do nothing , I am too old for …