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When is your time to go they will show up,  the ones who never said Hello. The ones who never supported you,  the ones who stayed away. Those ones who never came your way. And now that your goodbye has caused so much distress,  they will show up to say, the things the never told you to your face,  the things you wished they had said then , but don't believe  them I say,  they are just looking for fame ,  using your death for fame , reading the script to look like a saint,  talking about you like you were best friends ,  even though there were many emails sent that never got a reply from them. They will dress up and play,  talk and act and make up fake stories about you , they will also say she was a good person ,  but you will never know why they stayed away.
They will start campaigns in your name, look and act like a saint,  trying to get applauses by men, using your death for their gain, giving interviews in your name, looking sad on TV for fame, because I know in the end, they …