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Way back

Way back I was a big fan of #selenaquintanilla , back then I made a replica of the outfit she wore to her boutique opening #selenaetc today it is all memories good and bad because back then I saw how I was becoming more and more her follower and a follower of Christ. Today I have grown up enough to recognized that and move on,  so today I share this picture to share my #testimony  to help others. Don't let anyone or anything take the place of God in your life . One day I realized that if #selenaquintanilla had an opportunity to speak to her fans today she will probably say: turn to God. Because when someone dies wherever they end up Heaven or He'll they are either too busy in Heaven worshipping God or in he'll regretting not turning to God while there were on Earth.

It's on its way

Is  10pm on Wednesday March  23rd, 2016. I just took a picture of the sky and I have this feeling inside... will Jesus come  back tonight? To take me home tonight,  will I hear the trumpet tonight... it is a very different night,  I need to repent tonight,  I can't fall asleep with hidden sins inside,  cause I need to be right with God,  is a different night, something is coming....

Join me this Saturday!!!!

Yeap is true,  I get more support from the people who don't know,  the ones I just meet,  the ones who don't know me ,  so why is this?
I am tired of inviting, I am tired of emailing,  I can't  make you help me,  I guess I'll  wait for the perfect  stranger.
So you call yourself  a Christian  yet you will never wear my jewelry,  I guess you are one of those who choose just to keep it quiet,  even though  is a commandment ,  you just want to keep it quiet and you rather support a child  of the dark who is after the earthly  desires so you put aside your sister  who keeps on inviting because you are now too busy campaigning with the darkness, and ahead you keep on moving  donating money to the kingdom of darkness as our time keeps on flying when the  world will burn with fire and your friends are all in darkness but you keep your faith very quiet and you judge what I do and you can't  never make it the sale because you are playing with fire investing your money in t…