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Please RSVP

Don't fall for it... Not every invitation is a true invite, A lot of it is just them being polite. The host is being the host and he cannot wait for you to go,  how did you get here he thought
,  I didn't wanted you to come , you took me so serious and that's why you showed up , but I was just you know,  I didn't  wanted to see you twice,  forgive me I am not being impolite , but your presence is not making me feel right, so please get it right this time... just ignore my invite....Please RSVP

Belongings in their lockers...

Oh brothers and sisters what did you guys did wrong? All you did was wake up and go to work. On the second day, you follow your routine well, you took the long elevator up, you left your belongings in the lockers and as the time clock kept on clicking away, you thought it was a normal day...
You my friends, that I never met,  my brothers and sisters with different last name , I saw your faces on top of the world reaching for clean air, I heard your voices on the phone hoping for hope... little did you know this day was going to turn out this way... you have no clue... you follow the routine well,  it was just another day... you left your belongings in the lockers...

Everyone wants you there

Everyone wants you to attend,  but they will never attend to you. Everyone wants you to come but none of them will come to you. Everyone  wants your presence but nobody wants to give that to you. In a relationship  is a give and take but it should always be  win  win... can someone ever get tired of giving , I think so, unless you goal is to be like Jesus so you just give and give 70x7 and then more.... everyone  wants you to attend, and support  them. How many will support  you!