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The hypocrisy of someone who never looks at their mistakes

I was asked many times... what happened? Why am I getting the silent  treatment?  I didn't  know how to answer that.  I was infuriated.  How can anyone give the silent treatment  to their ederly  parent? I will see her every morning consumed with concerned.  Wondering why one of her own stopped  talking to her. You know the one who is so concerned  about her reputation  that she does a good job at hiding her secret self. They don't  know but God knows,  and God also see what I see,  what I've encountered every morning    a sad aging mother seating in the couch asking herself,  why?
The days went by and I worked overtime to sheer her up. But from time to time she will ask me... why is she not talking  to me. If you think  reading this is sad. Watching it live was  even worse. And what is worse that now after the conversations are back... there was never an apology..
We are supposed to forget.
Her friends will never know.
She does a good  job.
I need it to take a risk and w…