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I'll never know

You came from far,  far away. To do your thing like you were raised. I saw you working,  I was intrigued,  your smile captivated me. I was too afraid to even approach,  until that day I noticed we had something in common. I stepped  out of my window the fear was gone. You hold my hand like you wanted to. Is hard to trust that because I knew your work. You do the same to everyone  else. Then I learned  what you had done, I got so mad ,  so I stopped you some more. How can this be,  if she forgives why should I hold it against you. So days went by,  I seeked your face. I waved to you my window  friend. I'll  never know when I will see your face. Is not the time, is not today. Off you go so far away....

Do nothing

Tic toc I don't write this story,  Tic toc I don't know the ending Tic toc,  I can't wait to find out 
Tic toc then I will regret it Tic toc but I need to know Tic toc I am very anxious Tic toc I don't want to screw it  Tic toc I am not the author....


Give so much, put all the effort, face your fears, go and do it, loosing sleep, big excitement, early mornings, dream about it, rehearse your line, replay the story, google searches, expert advice, 50-50 , nothing so sure, analyse the details, see the pictures, days go by, nothing happened, feeling stupid, feel regret, everyone laughing, you are a good sport.#life