how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

When I first learned about this event I knew I wanted to go,  $25 per person, sure I said, I can afford that, it was an event called "Faith in the Marketplace" being a business owner I knew I had to go , I could benefit a lot from learning how to walk by Faith in my business doings, little that I know God was working a miracle in my life. The days went by and I realize it was already June 30th and bills had to be paid, running low on cash I have completely forgotten about the event, until I received a email notification which told me that it was the last day to buy tickets, I was very disappointed. I had put it aside and never went back to it and now it was the day of and I didn't have the cash to buy the ticket, it didn't even cross my mind to borrow it either, I was sad, disappointed on myself and somewhat angry that I was going to miss the whole thing. July begins and I pretty much have forgotten about it,  I remember asking my sister about it once , whether or not where she works was going to give free tickets for that event as they sometimes do, she told me that she hasn't heard anything about it.
The days went by and I started to see reminders on Facebook about the event, again I found myself disapointed and sad. The week of the event was upon me, nothing much planned , except attending the grand opening of my friend's new business that Wednesday. Tuesday came by and I received an email to my surprise with an invitation to the event free of cost? What? how can this be? Why me? How did they get my email address? Isn't that something? we can fast, pray, etc etc, and when we get what we prayed for we always question it? after I realized that God has worked a miracle for me to attend , I replied to that email, and that was that, my attendance was confirmed and I was assigned a table. On that Wednesday evening , I went to my friend's new business grand opening, her office is located right next door to my studio, ribbon cutting and pictures with the Mayor of the city, everything went really well. 
During her grand opening I was talking to someone I had met before, he works for the city and we were talking about my business and most importantly about God, modesty etc, during our conversation he begins to mention to me about the "Faith in the Marketplace" breakfast that was going to take place the next morning, I was like yes, I am going, he goes yeah come sit at my table I have two,  I was in shocked, there I was not even having money to pay for the ticket, to having tree tables open for me to go. He was very persuasive, he kept saying seat at my table...
I wanted to share this story with you because I want everyone to know that God works miracles in our life everyday, just pray about what you want, and always ask if it is the will of God.

The event went great, I learned a lot, met great people, and I am so thankful to see the power of God move in my life. Don't ever doubt His mighty power, He is God, He reigns above all creation...

"If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?" Matthew 7:11

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