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how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

When I first learned about this event I knew I wanted to go,  $25 per person, sure I said, I can afford that, it was an event called "Faith in the Marketplace" being a business owner I knew I had to go , I could benefit a lot from learning how to walk by Faith in my business doings, little that I know God was working a miracle in my life. The days went by and I realize it was already June 30th and bills had to be paid, running low on cash I have completely forgotten about the event, until I received a email notification which told me that it was the last day to buy tickets, I was very disappointed. I had put it aside and never went back to it and now it was the day of and I didn't have the cash to buy the ticket, it didn't even cross my mind to borrow it either, I was sad, disappointed on myself and somewhat angry that I was going to miss the whole thing. July begins and I pretty much have forgotten about it,  I remember asking my sister about it once , whether or no…