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Does Selena Quintanilla really wants it?

This is going to be brief , after being a huge fan for so many years of the late tejano star Selena Quintanilla, I wonder... Has anyone stopped to wonder how will she be with all of theses tributes and concerts in her memory? Do you think she really will like it? I mean let's think about that for a minute. Where is she? only her and God knows that. So for example let's think if her soul is in darkness today, do you think she really wants all of these people celebrating her life? or even doing tributes to her? mmm No I don't think so....And if she is in Heaven right now, I am sure she is too busy praising God almighty.  So, the bottom line is, either way, she is probably just wants eveyrone to just turn to God and stop worhisiping her. Life is All about Christ.

Christian Fashion Designer Sample Sale

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