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I'll never know

You came from far,  far away. To do your thing like you were raised. I saw you working,  I was intrigued,  your smile captivated me. I was too afraid to even approach,  until that day I noticed we had something in common. I stepped  out of my window the fear was gone. You hold my hand like you wanted to. Is hard to trust that because I knew your work. You do the same to everyone  else. Then I learned  what you had done, I got so mad ,  so I stopped you some more. How can this be,  if she forgives why should I hold it against you. So days went by,  I seeked your face. I waved to you my window  friend. I'll  never know when I will see your face. Is not the time, is not today. Off you go so far away....

Do nothing

Tic toc I don't write this story,  Tic toc I don't know the ending Tic toc,  I can't wait to find out 
Tic toc then I will regret it Tic toc but I need to know Tic toc I am very anxious Tic toc I don't want to screw it  Tic toc I am not the author....


Give so much, put all the effort, face your fears, go and do it, loosing sleep, big excitement, early mornings, dream about it, rehearse your line, replay the story, google searches, expert advice, 50-50 , nothing so sure, analyse the details, see the pictures, days go by, nothing happened, feeling stupid, feel regret, everyone laughing, you are a good sport.#life

The winds of Life....

No matter how much you plan , things don't usually turn out the way you expect them to. No matter how much you give, the results can sometimes dissapoint. And is just the way it is, The winds of this life, they come and go. The time passes by, it comes and go. I have Faith, I hope for the best , I always expect the best, then I get hit by the sudden change. The sudden change of mind, the cold feeling inside, the wondering mind, I don't want to think it through anymore, I just want to sit here and let go, let the wind pass me by, let it dust it off from me, sit here and talk to God, sit here and hear His Voice, Let Him bring me a new scent, a new world, the one who knows, how to make my heart smile....

how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

When I first learned about this event I knew I wanted to go,  $25 per person, sure I said, I can afford that, it was an event called "Faith in the Marketplace" being a business owner I knew I had to go , I could benefit a lot from learning how to walk by Faith in my business doings, little that I know God was working a miracle in my life. The days went by and I realize it was already June 30th and bills had to be paid, running low on cash I have completely forgotten about the event, until I received a email notification which told me that it was the last day to buy tickets, I was very disappointed. I had put it aside and never went back to it and now it was the day of and I didn't have the cash to buy the ticket, it didn't even cross my mind to borrow it either, I was sad, disappointed on myself and somewhat angry that I was going to miss the whole thing. July begins and I pretty much have forgotten about it,  I remember asking my sister about it once , whether or no…

Dear little girl

You showed your talent and you were discovered and ever since you have been working. You been slaved for so long but you just really want to design clothes. You made their dreams come true but you were sad all along, you had good days that's what we thought , your beautiful smile hid it from us.  Like a programmed robot you did your part but no one care about your heart. Their love of money was way too big, they were too busy to be with you. You cease to asked because you knew ,  you had to go because is you, they pointed their fingers at you, and no one supported you, what a surprise for them it was , that business metting you were a no show, where is she again? we are wasting money again? she is late again? you gave them all to them and when you fail to go they blamed you again. Too bad for them who didn't know you were snatched from them that day. Now you been gone for 20 long and they are still making you work, what are they thinking you probably say? making me go on tour …

Moving Forward!!!

I got surprised like a kid wining a toy , Like rain on a sunny day, good thing I checked, it was all too sudden not be fake. But there I was again, dreaming once again, letting it all take place, in my head....... Like arranging furniture on a computer, thinking that it was mine before owning it, I had realized once again ,that whatever comes at you fast, will soon enough leave you. So like a flower in the Fall, like the snow in July, I hit the floor again with all these ideas on my mind, they are floating in my head, invading my private space, where I live the happy days ,that I want to see one day, this take time they say, it is patient - is written , it does not boast- it also say , it conquers all - is also there, I just haven't been fed, I don't have time for this again, my batteries are running low, this is a two way thing you know, so let's start again, ok? you go one way , I go my way...

Does Selena Quintanilla really wants it?

This is going to be brief , after being a huge fan for so many years of the late tejano star Selena Quintanilla, I wonder... Has anyone stopped to wonder how will she be with all of theses tributes and concerts in her memory? Do you think she really will like it? I mean let's think about that for a minute. Where is she? only her and God knows that. So for example let's think if her soul is in darkness today, do you think she really wants all of these people celebrating her life? or even doing tributes to her? mmm No I don't think so....And if she is in Heaven right now, I am sure she is too busy praising God almighty.  So, the bottom line is, either way, she is probably just wants eveyrone to just turn to God and stop worhisiping her. Life is All about Christ.

Christian Fashion Designer Sample Sale

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Jesus Saves

Now more than ever we need to share te gospel of Jesus Christ. Christian ladies need to dress with modest clothes, not trying to be a stumbling rock for the brothers in Christ.This beautiful white tshirt with floral peter pan collar was created for my Spring 2015 collection and modeled during Connecticut Fashion Week in November 2014. Jesus Saves Tshirts handpainted with peter pan collar , Classic tee pure white long sleeve with studs on sleeve cuffs , size Medium.