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Now that is a scary thought!

Pay attention don't be deceived, the biggest mistake you can make in life is to be ignorat , negligent, careless. The enemy is attracted to people who don't Pay Attention. Warning! a lot of the images can provide harm to your mind and soul, you must be strong in the faith before you continue to read this.... Just this week April 2014 time magazine gave singer Beyonce Knowles the title of the Most influential person , and if you are a true believer in Christ you know for sure that , That is a scary thought! I am not trying to destroy anyone's image with this post, I am not trying to accuse her either, When I see Beyonce I see a person in captivity. With millions of records sold around the world, just think how much the enemy is using her to deceive the masses, and you say , what? just because she sells records and is a superstar that dosen't mean she is being used by the enemy, ok so then let's hear what She has to say--- Pay Attention--- In…