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Ministry Man

Wait, wait, wait, let me stop you there before you do all that work in vain, before you come around with that look on your face, trying to promote yourself let me tell you something about myself. I am interested in a Ministry Man, the ones who already know for a fact who their Father is, the ones who made a mission to get other people Saved, the ones who know what marriage is all about, I want to tell this upfront before you make a mistake. You see, With me all that muscle showing, car showing, fancy talking, wont do you any good, How about we talk about God instead? Relax, don't get so scared this Proverbs 31 Lady is trying to lead you to Salvation, I bet you haven't experience this before but you will remember this encounter for long time. The way this life is going, "ain't nobody have time for that" let's get to the point instead, let's not waste precious time, let me ask you when was the last time you serve in the Kingdom?, when was the last time you …