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Some Help!!

The woman was created to be the helper, but it seems as though today helping has a different meaning.
All these woman that I see, already married packed with kids, who depend on their husband to even breath, with no aspiriation whatsoever, who refuse to educate themselves, who look at their marriage as their idol, walking around like they made it, whom cannot even communicate with their childrens teacher, who look at young professional woman like myself as loosers because I am not married at my age yet, You are your husband helper?

Whom looking for an escape from home or from the urges made a decision to feed society what it expected to see from them at their age, who cannot even drive themselves, who are you supposed to help? Whom decided to be a "baby girl" their entire lives instead of being a Woman of God, who's only aspiration is to earn minimum wage, and then they want to look at me like I am past my time?
What kind of help are you for your husband really?  They wante…