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¿Qué tipo de ayuda eres para tu marido realmente?

La mujer fue creada para ser el ayudante, pero parece como si hoy eso tiene un significado diferente. Todas estas mujeres que veo, ya casada llena de niños, que dependen de su marido para hasta poder respirar, sin aspiracion a nada que se niegan a educarse a sí mismos, que miran a su matrimonio como su ídolo, caminando como que ya lo lograron, a quienes no pueden ni siquiera comunicarse con los maestros de sus niños, que miran a la mujer joven profesional como yo como perdedora, porque yo no estoy casada a mi edad, sin embargo, Tú te consideras ayudante de tu marido? ¿quiénes por escaparse de casa o de los impulsos tomaron la decisión de alimentar a la sociedad lo que esperaban ver de ellas a su edad, que ni siquiera pueden conducir un carro, que clase de ayuda eres? Quienes decidieron ser un "niña linda" toda su vida en lugar de ser una mujer de Dios, que su única aspiración es ganar el salario mínimo, y luego quieren mirarme como si yo estoy pasada de mi tiempo? ¿Qué tipo de …

Some Help!!

The woman was created to be the helper, but it seems as though today helping has a different meaning.
All these woman that I see, already married packed with kids, who depend on their husband to even breath, with no aspiriation whatsoever, who refuse to educate themselves, who look at their marriage as their idol, walking around like they made it, whom cannot even communicate with their childrens teacher, who look at young professional woman like myself as loosers because I am not married at my age yet, You are your husband helper?

Whom looking for an escape from home or from the urges made a decision to feed society what it expected to see from them at their age, who cannot even drive themselves, who are you supposed to help? Whom decided to be a "baby girl" their entire lives instead of being a Woman of God, who's only aspiration is to earn minimum wage, and then they want to look at me like I am past my time?
What kind of help are you for your husband really?  They wante…

Ministry Huggers

Relax, don’t get scared, I am not going to take over, Yet.
So afraid to change you have forgotten the number one reason why you do all that you do. You are seating well so you think, like a King glorifying himself over his empire and you like the fame, you like the groups and you maintain them well, so you think. And your best friend is the Pastor, you want to make sure he knows you well, because when is time to vote again, you get that group whom you hug so well. And you gather with them, the same ones again, no room for others here, we like each other too much to open doors for people from other places, and you meet each week, and you attend other churches, because they need to hear the message well, or do they? Are you looking for fame? Are you trying to build your Resume? And you walk around in church shoulders high, because you fame is at an all time high, and you greet the new ones, but you are scare inside, and you make a date with the ones you likes, your number one fans, you…

Dead Inside!

Lying to oneself is probably one of the most damaging thing a human can do, yet at some point in our lives we tend to do that, and we like it. Pretending to be someone that we are not can be easy, maintaining an image is probably not that hard, but when you look in the mirror who do you really see? or better yet who does God see?
So you memorize the Fruits of the Spirit, and you find one that you can really show, the “Self Control” one, because it is easy specially if you think it only applies to food, and so you go, appearing to shine when you are dead inside, acting up like you are better than others because your sin is not visible, consumed with additions that you have very well kept secret, acting as though you have the light but you are really just dead inside.
So you go ahead, you fill your mouth with talks about health, and you pick and choose the verses that fit your “image” and you act so clean but you are dying inside. And you have that look, the one you maintain so well, th…

Stop playing in the Mud.

I had to write something about it, I couldn't help myself, it was like a big rush who brought me over to do it, it is Urgent, This cannot Wait. I have a problem, a Big problem with those so called Mud Run, or Mud races whatever they call it. What is the deal with that? and why are so many Christians participating on it. These Mud Races have and intensive line of obstacle course,  extreme physical challenges and even electric shock torture and on top the whole thing is that they are done in Mud, hence the name.  Do you even know how much you are Worth in Christ? Why are you after that, like almost seeking out Punishment; And that is exactly what it is , the enemy has once again decieved you into doing something that you think is "right" when it is not. It is a hidden punishment, just think how he accuses you in front of God, there is your Son or Daughter, look at them you cleansed them with your precious blood and look at them willingly playing in the mud, participating w…