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I am Single because….

So, just today God spoke to me as I was walking. I guess inside of me the frustration of of still being single at my age was getting to me. Maybe I have lost the Faith for a moment, maybe I looked at some of my friends and even cousins who are younger than me and already have kids. You see, when God mentions in the Bible “Take no Thought for your Life” Matthew 6:25 that is exactly what he wants you to do.

Society has a timeline of how they expect your life to be at each certain age and God has the perfect timeline, so it is up to you which one you truly want to follow. Wait on God or get frustrated make a mistake and please the world. If you are truly a born again Christian living with the Holy Spirit inside of you, you will want to wait on the Lord.

God knows what he is doing, he doesn’t follow anybody’s rules or timelines, he makes time and everything else. He does as he pleases and has a perfect plan for your life. Have you ever considered that maybe the strangeness to your situat…