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Re: Are you Entertaining a Demon?

Below is a great Response I recieved on my Blog post about Masturbation. First is the original Blog I did, then is a more in depth post about the hidden sin that nobody wants to talk about. 
Special thanks to Mrs.Rhoda from South Africa, God Bless You and I will keep you in my Prayers.
JulissaDesigns 'sBlog.Are you entertaining a Demon?I have been a Christian my entire life, I have gone through Sunday school, church sermons, health class, Bible reading class, Youth groups and more, And now after so many years I learned for the first time that Masturbation (the stimulation or manipulation of one's own genitals) is a Sin and if you don't realise it will keep you in bondage until you do and seek deliverance from it.It is the topic that you barely hear at churches, Bible summer camps and even so just normal conversation with friends, why is it that we can talk about so many things, physical things and we never ever mention the topic of Masturbation. Is it because everyone around…