Wake up Call

It was always my dream, since I was young, I seek after it, I traveled far, I worked hard for it, I wanted the attention, I wanted the fame, Until I realized that I was walking the Wrong Way. Who told us that the Fashion Industry is inspired by God? And Why are we followers of Christ so obsessed with it?
I guess I need to get really inside of it, to understand that I didn’t belong there. I was sadly praying for something that was leading me to destruction, I just didn’t know back then. The Fashion Industry is Not all inspired by God, and it doesn’t take much of your effort to really see it. So let me help you, and please understand that this is just my opinion as I see things now, after I once loved them.

Let’s begin with showing off the body, the tighter the better, the shorter the better, the Fashion Industry had made leggings popular as pants and boy shorts as regular shorts, mini-skirts, low cut tops, see thru tops , tube tops, tank tops (used are regular tops), that famous white t-shirt (the tighter the better) all of them have become trends for many years and have become very popular even among Christians, The enemy has seduced our minds into following Fashion Trends that are totally Not inspired by God. Read 1 Peter 3,3-5

Point Number 2 Skeleton walking- When did size 0 -2 became the norm on the fashion runways?, the skinny the better, that is what they say. Tall skinny hungry girls walking down the runway, showing of their bodies, for a couple of applauses. I see innocence, I see the work of the enemy. Who is telling the Industry to starve their models? Who is whispering in their ears that models are to be that size? Who told us that is a sign of good?

Point Number 3 Blood sucking lips wait maybe that is too strong, but hey that is how I see it now. I am only able to write about this because I was also once consumed by it, and not too long ago. That old Fashion trend Red Lipstick, Oh boy, I was so obsessed with wearing red color lipstick that at one point every lipstick I own was red, until that day early this year, I stare at myself in the mirror and saw the World. (I didn’t even feel worthy of holding the Bible). If all of the celebrities out there, the ones that are clearly against God wear it, why are we as Christians copying their styles? Why do we even buy those magazines with them on the cover to get ideas for clothing? Your ideas on how to dress should come after you read your Bible. A heart that is ready for change, we'll look for ways to please God and Not the world. I see the red color lipstick now as blood sucking, as strange as it sounds, I don’t understand why we as Christians Ladies have to call attention to our lips or any of our body parts, for men, married or Not to look at us and Lust over it.

Point Number 4 Dark Make Up, So tell me, when did the enemy lied to us into believing that God’s creation needed a touch up, Of dark eye shadow, dark eye liner, dark eyelashes, etc etc. When it all did begin? Why do we have to always alter God’s creation to fit Society standards? When did Natural beauty needed to be covered with heavy make up? I truly believe that when God designed your eyes, lips and face he wasn’t thinking “as long as she buys the right make up, she’ll be ok”. I totally understand that a little make up is not too bad, but when you are consumed by putting on “your face” everyday, looking like the world, obsessed with buying make up, and that dark eye shadow, and that colorful eye shadow that is when in my opinion is too much. Just think how much time we set aside just to fix ourselves to fit society standards instead of presenting our bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. Romans 12:1

Point Number 5 Fashion Magazines, Out of Fashion Magazines comes Vanity, and it comes to consumes many. The selling point are the cover, with normally celebrities on them, to lure you in, once you are in, you are being flashed by crazy advertisements, pretty much all I have said above, but just on paper (or ipads) , the better it is displayed the more your lust after it, just like going shopping, but nobody forces you to go shopping, the magazine you buy on your own and you open a book filled with advertisements just to get you to buy things and get “inspired” to look more and more like the world.

Point Number 6 Colorful Hair, ok, so God I thank you for taking time to designed me, but really, what were you thinking? . That is totally what we sound like, I feel. Who are we to tell God how should the color of our hair look like? We are just really trying to be accepted by society and in the mist of it , try to erase God’s mark out of our bodies. Just think for one second, But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Luke 12:7 Just that verse, says it all, and we come and color our hair, pretty much just saying, I can do better. In the Bible Old is count as wise, we try to hide our “old” with some hair color , just to live a lie, to look younger, when in the Bible talks clearly about lying. What are we really thinking? The hoary head is crown of glory, if it be found in the way of the righteousness. Proverbs 16:31

Point Number 7 What are you really wearing? Ok, so now we understand that the Fashion Industry is not inspired by God, therefore the majority of the designers out there are not Christians, or Christlike, which is why it is so clear to see the works of the enemy in the entire industry, let’s talk about some designers. I can probably name 10 of the top of my head and all of those are probably living in sin, that very visible one. The majority of them never even heard of Christ of if they did, they either rejected him or put him aside. No true Christian fashion designer will make a woman wear that type of clothing, or even so use them as advertisement for many to lust after them. Did you know that the majority of the top Fashion Designers out there don’t want anything to do with Christ, and you don’t even have to watch an interview with them to know that, just see their work. So maybe, before you go off, and show your friends that pair of brand new heels you just got at a great price, do a little research on what was the inspiration behind that design.

What has the Fashion Industry done? It has even turned our Cross Sideways and made it popular…

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