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Spotted trend

I seen it you probably have too. It is called the “Sideways Cross Necklace”, very popular out there , almost every celebrity you can name have one of this and it is perhaps a best seller, But as cute as it is I have a problem with it. Allow me to explain. The Cross, the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified was upright, it was never sideways. Some of us might see no difference and think it is just a “trendy necklace” but if you are using it trying to show your Faith with it, as I think most people who have it do, the issue is that the cross is sideways, not upright, and that could mean a lot of things.

Number one, it could be the enemy trying to make mockery of the cross of Jesus, saying that it couldn’t stay upright for long and now is down. Number two, it could be a way of the enemy to disguise something to mean something else, like for example, you know that whether at church or at a cemetery you as a Christian and maybe not even as a Christian, you see a cross that is sideways…

When God is your motivation, the outcome is much more rewarding.

It came to be so easy, I thought. Twenty five pounds down in a short time with little effort. Well this is what happened. I got persuaded, not like in times before but now is more clear to me, I know I have to loose some weight, but back then, I probably did it thinking about cuter clothes or just tighter ones. Well thank God I didn't stay on that idea. You see, we must be very careful with this, because the enemy knows very well how to get you in bondage with this.

It is very clear, this world we live in is obsessed on living longer and not eternally, meaning; this world is obsessed on how it looks more than ever. There are people that the only think they talk about is what they eat, yet they can die right now before finishing reading this post and go into eternal fire. Satan has the world consumed on physical appearance, he has disguised obsessive exercise with health, and please don’t get me wrong, I think that exercise is very important in our lives, but when we become in bon…