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Have you died yet?

No one had the ability to predict their birthdate, yet everyone seems so consumed on living longer, but not eternally. Life is not really about us, is really about God, so I asked myself this question, Have I died yet?
We see in the Bible when Jesus says: "Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." Mathew 16:24 Do we even know what denying of oneself really means? In my opinion it means that we should stop seeking our own earthy desires and seek the will of God in our lives.  So have you died yet? Or are you still seeking your own desires and ambitions?

I recently learned that our gifts and talents should really be use to glorify God and not ourselves. God works through us, all of our gifts and talents that he gave us is not for us to use it in the world for our own gain, but instead to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and glorify God. I sometimes feel very disappointed in myself that I ju…

God's will for your Life.

When I was younger, I asked myself this question, what is Life? what are we doing here? why are we living? I will think about it but I never asked the question to anyone. Growing up in a Christian home and being instructed in the path of the Lord at a very early age, I later learned that we are here because of God's grace and that our purpose here is basically to share the gospel of Christ and live Holy on this Earth until the day Jesus return to bring us to Eternal Life in Heaven.

I always had an interest for the arts, painting drawing and fashion sketches. I remember every afternoon I will sit in the living room and watch my grandmother sew and create things. I was so intrigue by the idea of sewing and clothes, then when I was in middle school I knew that I wanted to become a Fashion Designer, I was very good for my age at drawing fashion sketches and people around me classmates or family member will always admire it. After school my mother arranged for me to start going to thi…