Wrapped up in the routine...

We humans had turn out to become machines living and producing and most of us just to fulfill the desires of the flesh. Satan has the world working like a robot, drinking coffee coffee to push the body to do more, working out more and more to get us home later at night when we are all tired to even say a prayer to Almighty God.
Work work work, you have to be constantly moving, producing, making something, exercising that body, are you a robot? Worry fills our minds, guilty takes over the minute we move out of the routine, and what do we do, we instantly go on and try to fix it , at times making it up by doing double the work.  God created humans satan wants to make robots.(fyi robots dont have brains)  Robots that no longer communicate anymore in public, have you recently sat at a lunch break table and notice that people barely even speak to each other, they are all busy with their ipods, ipads, cell phones, magazines etc. I must say I am guilty of this. The internet has become our addiction and it is so easy to obtain, forget that old tv, now it comes with you everywhere you go. Just like music,  so addictive and harmful, and what is worse is that a lot of this celebrities want you to believe that some of them are followers of Christ.

Let's be clear, because it is very clear if you read your Bible. When you become a new creature in Christ all things are new and God fills you with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Holy Spirit are: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, these so called celebrities want you to believe that they follow Christ.
Absolutely not, because if they did we should be able to see Christ in them, of course becoming Holy is a process but still. You cannot dance your life and show your body to young girls in obscene gesture and the next week try to make a donation to the UNICEF or what not.

We have to be very careful what kind of music we listen to, specially now because music have entered our churches. Now we got rappers saying how they want to sing rap songs about Jesus because they want to appeal to the new "generation" and they dress up just like the world, Please, is the same thing, you are going to make me believe that a church that truly follows God, filled with the Holy Spirit should allow worldly music to enter the hallways because they want to appeal to young kids, that means you want the kids to still stay in the world.

Whatever happened to angelical music? Why is that most of us are being fooled by satan into believing that worldly music is ok in the church of Christ.

We got to Pray, Pray without ceasing.

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