If you pay attention, you will understand my actions

In those silent moments when I think no one is watching me, I pray, I beg, I cry, this is too much for me to handle, when did life became so hard, I seek and find and bite my tongue and hide and secretly make plans to avoid those questions I don't want to reply, everything might seems alright,  but I die inside everytime is time to say goodbye I pray that God will give them grace to care for her with their heart, to put themselves in her path to give her a blanket if she is cold, to feed her more when she asks, everytime is always hard , I might smile but you know what, everytime I pray to God, that when we cannot see beyond that clock, everyone is doing a great job, if you pay attention you can see why, I hide and avoid certain paths to keep myself happy down this path.....

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The problem I have with Kanye West and the Christian church

We ,Christ believing folks understand that the power of God can transform the life of anyone, We, Christ believing folks share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the hopes that the person listening to our testimony will turn their lives around and live in the goodness of God's grace and love, We, Christ believing folks understand deep down that if Jesus changed our lives , He can also do the same in others , But We, Christ believing folks also have a problem and it is this, we do all these works in hopes to gain a soul for Christ but the minute we see change in that person, a good change, a 180 degree turn, a I am going to shout it to the rooftops that I love Christ change, We, Christ believing folks,  begin to doubt, and we point fingers,  as tho playing with God is a light matter. It is a serious one and whoever is faking will have to answer to God one day, so if world famous singer Kanye West is doing all these things now about believing in Christ and sharing his testimony and reach…

Does Selena Quintanilla really wants it?

This is going to be brief , after being a huge fan for so many years of the late tejano star Selena Quintanilla, I wonder... Has anyone stopped to wonder how will she be with all of theses tributes and concerts in her memory? Do you think she really will like it? I mean let's think about that for a minute. Where is she? only her and God knows that. So for example let's think if her soul is in darkness today, do you think she really wants all of these people celebrating her life? or even doing tributes to her? mmm No I don't think so....
And if she is in Heaven right now, I am sure she is too busy praising God almighty.  So, the bottom line is, either way, she is probably just wants eveyrone to just turn to God and stop worhisiping her. Life is All about Christ.

Stop playing in the Mud.

I had to write something about it, I couldn't help myself, it was like a big rush who brought me over to do it, it is Urgent, This cannot Wait. I have a problem, a Big problem with those so called Mud Run, or Mud races whatever they call it. What is the deal with that? and why are so many Christians participating on it.
These Mud Races have and intensive line of obstacle course,  extreme physical challenges and even electric shock torture and on top the whole thing is that they are done in Mud, hence the name.  Do you even know how much you are Worth in Christ? Why are you after that, like almost seeking out Punishment; And that is exactly what it is , the enemy has once again decieved you into doing something that you think is "right" when it is not. It is a hidden punishment, just think how he accuses you in front of God, there is your Son or Daughter, look at them you cleansed them with your precious blood and look at them willingly playing in the mud, participating w…

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