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A call for help , if you have a family member living in a nursing home in the USA during the Covid pandemic you need to read this....

It's has been way to long since the Covid 19 pandemic started. Nursing homes across the USA have been in lock down ever since, people are dying inside these nursing homes, patients are suffering (ex. Lack of visitation, not enough staff, fast feeding, being in their rooms, no showering allowed, no social interactions)We need change and we need it now, I am making this call to the President of the USA to send over trained personnel to each nursing and assisted facility in the USA to monitor things daily until this pandemic ends. Our loved ones are suffering, there is never enough staff, we also ask the president of the United States and the USA Congress  to make funds available to nursing homes to hire more staff immediately to deal with the change in circumstances for ex. (staff to conduct daily zoom calls so that patients have access to their family, we also need enough staff on each nursing home to provide enough times for outdoor visits etc etc.) Just as PPPloans rescued busine…

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