Saturday, March 11, 2017

Buy my house and car ....

I waited ,  I waited,  45 f long minutes for you to stop flirting with the interns to come in and rush my words to google my symptoms so you can use me as your test so I can have long life side effects on a medication you put me in that you googled will help me get well,  so you can pay off your loans,  buy the big house,  get the nice car and when I call you back to explain my delicate situation you are too coward to even take my call,
Let the nations rise up and do everything you say we should do ... pop does drugs in my system that get me worse and kill my brain slowly because you have a degree that give u status of a hero but your are heartless, with zero compassion for human life, treating people like experiment rats, so you can get your nice house and big car and die in perfect well... show me the condition of your heart , give me some advice without calling my insurance card, return my call and be nice.... go on be a doctor fill your shoulders with pride and ego that cannot fit in a room , but life is so interesting that one day the turn is on you , you will have to wait to be seen and you will probably get those drugs and die of a common disease the same one you empose on me and then in your dying state you'll hear over and over my thoughts finally and wish you can answer my calls but the phone stopped ringing so long ago that not even your children call to check on you.... I hope that life never happens to you.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Window Shopping

There is a problem that we can't no longer ignore. There are a lot of us sisters waiting for marriage . Year after year time passing by , we are still waiting.
Poor Christian ladies waiting that Christian men who only turns when he sees a barbie doll wearing skimpy clothes. That Proverbs 31 he is not after he is after the flesh, playing video games singing praises at church you will think he might be learning something while having a women of God seating next to him frightens him so he rather go to the world and seek his new divorcee.
Because he rather get applauses from the world than to marry the women God put in his path, because long skirts are for the old than to marry a women of God. Because he might see her at church but the tight leggins from the girl at work means so much more, yeah the one who dosen't love the Lord who never dreams of getting pregnant because she dosen't want to gain weight to keep her body so society perfect to see who else she will steal to be with her.
Oh Christian men what's the point then, getting old means nothing to you, you waiting on the right one , waiting for that perfect barbie to boast about to make you feel like a men again, the one who will never pray for you but your fleshly desires stay in your way and your proud persona is more important for you so, you rather let her go, ignore her so much, let time pass you and miss the mark dude, what you prayed about has been near you all this time but you are still windows shopping.