Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Keep your shoes on...

If we only knew how much time we had, maybe perhaps we would stop ourselves from telling someone to take their shoes off when they come to visit. Whatever  trace they might leave on your carpet can't compare to the feeling of seeing someone again, it is not a big deal, you cannot compare the two, with one wipe is gone, whatever fear you had of dirt in your carpet , guess what, it can be fix, it can be removed it can be gone, don't make life about that, what do we have? pretty much nothing, it all can be gone, look  at us now, two weeks ago everything was fine, everything going just about planned, business as usual and here we are , you can't hug someone, you can't share stories you cannot see their joy in their eyes when they open  their heart to you, you cannot see their pain in their eyes when they want to share with you, and there you are obsessed with your carpet like you know how much time you have left. This Coronavirus has thought me so much already, I can't wait to go back, to have another chance, the government said "we are at war" and I of course go back, how lucky we are , we get to get off this building were we were stuck for a few weeks, before we went in , everything was fine,  business as usual, life as normal no treat to us, then it happened, and now we are stuck but the good news is that some of us will get to get out, we would get another chance, another chance to see our loved ones in person, to share the things we wanted to say, to see life on earth once again, our calls will get answered, our help is on the way, we get to get off the building intact with a better heart, a new perspective, how vulnerable we are, we make this life about us, we never have time, we get offended, we speak without thinking, we never listen, we ignore, and get mad if you don't worship us, we block, delete and reject, like we will get another chance, we never show up, we always ignore, we never help out, we never say yes, we'll get back to you later, we too busy at work, we filled with our lust, in love with the mirror, walking prideful in our judgement, pointing fingers , hating on hating, the big turkey, they know it all, the accuser , the judgmental, the always right, the tear producer, so concerned about our carpet , and then we wonder why nobody is knocking on our door---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
They never came out, their fate was set at 8:48 am that Tuesday morning, we get to get out, we get another chance, now let's make it worth it, please keep your shoes on,,, I am so happy to see you.

Monday, March 23, 2020

How to make a Face Mask

Hello friends in this post I want to share with you how to make a face mask,  it is very easy and you can help other people protect themselves .
You will need fabric, elastic or elastic cord , thread ,  pins and of course a sewing machine:

Step 1: print on a full size page the pattern below, please not this pattern has the seam allowance included.
 Step 2:
Cut the pattern 4 times in the fabric that you will be using for your mask.
Step 3:
Sew alongside of the front of the mask with the two of the sides together and do the same for the other two sides. ***only sew alongside the front.
Step 4: with the 4 pieces of fabric open the up and place the two right sides together and pink long the edges ***leaving a gap to turn the mask inside out***

Second while pinning the "two mask" cut 15" of your elastic or elastic cord, then Cut in Half ..
Step 5:
Fold the 7 1/2 " cord or elastic as shown on the picture and insert inside the pinned mask by the side egdes as the picture below one string on each side...

When inserting the cord or elastic make sure you leave a tip of the elastic to see it when sewing or pull on it to make sure is secure :

Step 6: sew along side the edges **leaving tbe gap so you are able to flip the mask inside out*** (I recomend you use a small stich size when going through the cord to make sure the needle catches it and secures it in place, no worries we can test it and fix it later.  The seam allowance is 1/4"

***very important to check that the elastic cord is secure pull on the tip if the elstic pulls loose open the gap you left without sewing and pull the elastic back into place and sew again with a small stich size  or zig zag stich to secure the cord in place once you do this the cord should be secure but always check before turning the mask inside out****

Step 7 
After sewing around the mask and making sure the elastic cord is secure , cut off the excess fabric (very carefully)

Step 8

Turn your mask inside out and pull out the edges using a stick or very carefully using the edge of your scissors,  fold with your finger the two sides on the gap you left open and do a stop stich all around the mask

Step 10, go out and share with your neighbors, family or sell them.

Any questions email me 
God Bless!!!

Don’t be wise in your own eyes

The Bible gives us an specific verse about being wise in our wisdom and understanding. The demon of pride can take over your life and blind you so deep to make you so rooted in your own mind and it can make you develop a grandiose sense of self. I have no time my friends, people are walking around filled with pride and false knowledge they walk around in love with themselves so much so they don’t want to hear you, or know you, or hear you out, they see you, they analyze you and they call up a meeting with others to let you know what you should change, where you fall short, what you need to improve. If we could only humble ourselves and understand that everyone is just trying to do their best , if we could only humble ourselves and hear people out, have compassion have empathy ask them about their lives, what concerns them, if we could before we so quickly jump to open our mouths to discuss your shortcomings, if we could just tell you how much we love you, maybe perhaps in times like this we wouldn’t be filled with so much grief and regret....

Friday, February 7, 2020

Welcome to the archives

The clock begins as you exit the womb and then it never stops. All the years go so fast , looking at the photographs , you leave a piece of you everytime you let someone inside. From deep conversations to real life struggles to the strangers who treat you like family that you never get to see again , they live in a foreing land where you chose to study abroad,  you were there once and never went back, and they knew your story and care for you but the time never stopped and you kept on going,  from the smiles of the friends you made in college that you never get to see again,  to the stories you heard of the intentional students you were infatuated by, it all gets moved to the archives of your mind, a time in your history that now comes to mind once in a while, and suddenly you are there again , feeling the same thing again, rage, anger, happiness,  love and you are frozen in time but then your open your eyes and your back in this life accumulating more memories that will repeat themselves later on , and you wish at times you did not meet the ones that will leave again, because nothing lasts, only God, and people keep going and they change jobs, and they live life and you, there you are, understanding every minute of it but hating what is happening, Oprah comes to mind, I can see her reading this, sometimes I question myself,  these visions don't stop, I imagine a lot, those big conversations they might have had, in their breakrooms during Christmas time 2000 , they were on top of the world, as they all were merry evil was planning and there I go again, opening those archives once again, remembering that perfect blue sky day like I was one of them, traumatized by it, I still cant get over it, what a disrespect to life, my brothers and sisters trapped , making phone calls that will never be answered....

Friday, January 10, 2020

My Heart is broken

Today she was ok , she was telling me a story at a very low voice,  mom I can't hear you, I said, she pointed to the drapes , I said mom don't worry I'll open them when I leave, she looked away, If I could only read her mind, I need to know, what, what's going on, what should I complain about,  let me find out, I can't take this anymore, the hardest part is knowing how much you need this and still not being able to be ok with it, ok with leaving her, ok with not being there at all times, ok with not having her here accessible to help her when she needs the help. This rollercoaster is stressing me out, I can't fix this, my nose is bleeding, what is this, never happened to me, I thought I would be happy but at work the empathy is lacking , the mobbing keeps on rising, the mean girls are taking over, chopping heads and creating rules,  the dictatorship is leading the fool who signs blindflooded ,whom reads the bible from the screen and hires fans to bring her glory who is playing undercover while they empty her discover , and when both worlds come down on you, what can you do, take it one day at a time....

Saturday, December 28, 2019

The real reason why so many retailers are shutting down it's doors

They call the the retail apocalypse,  all these famous brand and department stores are shutting down their doors this year , everywhere you look there is a store that is doing a going out of  business sale.
The blame the Amazon for it, but it is more than that. can be the reason behind it but they are not at fault completely,  I believe that everyone is struggling with something deep and bigger these days something that they are trying to escape from, so one might say perhaps ordering something online and just waiting for that package to arrive all week gives you a better hope for tomorrow,  something positive to look forward too, why go into the stores where you can encounter familiar faces that can ask you questions about your life that you don't want to answer,  why deal with the parking and taking the time to you when with just one click it can come to you. 
The problem with that temporary happiness is just that, it is temporary,  and if you find your happiness in ordering random nom necessary items online before you know it you will become a horder, a depressed human who has many material things but no one to share it with.
Also, another problem with these so called retail apocalypse is that we will one day eventually miss the human connection,  the times when you strike a conversation with the sales person and you connect with them and they with you, one day we will miss getting out of the house, taking a stroll, so if they keep closing all the doors and the town keeps on looking so depressing, we will miss those days when the main streets looked like those Instagram photos we admires from other countries where the people look happy without a filter.
So there you are , if we keep on going this way, will be like those mannequin being sold at a very discount rate, emotionless, waiting for a savor who can pick up the next chapter and bring us back to life again...
#retailfail #retailclousures

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

If you pay attention, you will understand my actions

In those silent moments when I think no one is watching me, I pray, I beg, I cry, this is too much for me to handle, when did life became so hard, I seek and find and bite my tongue and hide and secretly make plans to avoid those questions I don't want to reply, everything might seems alright,  but I die inside everytime is time to say goodbye I pray that God will give them grace to care for her with their heart, to put themselves in her path to give her a blanket if she is cold, to feed her more when she asks, everytime is always hard , I might smile but you know what, everytime I pray to God, that when we cannot see beyond that clock, everyone is doing a great job, if you pay attention you can see why, I hide and avoid certain paths to keep myself happy down this path.....

Keep your shoes on...

If we only knew how much time we had, maybe perhaps we would stop ourselves from telling someone to take their shoes off when they come to v...